Pakistan International School, Riyadh, English Section, is a community owned non-profit English medium school, designed primarily to serve the needs of the children from ages 3-18 of Pakistani Community. The school was established in September 1995 under the supervision of the Embassy of Pakistan with H.E., the Ambassador of Pakistan, as its Patron-in-Chief. The school later secured a separate license and started functioning as an independent school under the name Pakistan International School, Riyadh (English Section), PISES.

The original school began with a single campus which now has been expanded to three different wings, i.e. Junior wing, Girls’ wing & Boys’ wing with separate campuses, faculty and facilities. Throughout its history, the school has provided innovative education, which focuses on individual student needs. The school provides the most up-to-date teaching methodology and technology with practices that best support students’ learning.

PISES is a recognized study center for both Edexcel & Cambridge International Examinations for O’Level, IGCSE, AS and A Level. PISES seeks to inspire its students toward the highest standards and expectations through a stimulating and comprehensive program of intellectual and personal development. In an ideal environment, the school emphasizes academic achievement, and co-curricular activities designed to prepare students for university studies and forthcoming unique professional life challenges.


“To enable students to thrive and succeed”


“To impart quality education to students and build their character through proper guidance and conducive environment to make them valuable contributors to society”

Core Values

At PISES, we believe in the importance of a well-structured education and personality development of our students. We endeavor to inculcate strong character and moral traits in our students with special emphasis of following core values:

  1. Pursuit of Knowledge
    1. Listen carefully and communicate effectively.
    2. Value pleasure in intellectual exploration and discovery.
    3. Work with others for better understanding and perspective.
  2. Discipline
    1. Effective time management and respect the time of others.
    2. Self-organization and ability to prioritize important actions and tasks.
  3. Responsibility
    1. Take ownership of actions and be accountable for work and commitments.
    2. Be patient and demonstrate self-control.
    3. Working independently and collaboratively.
  4. Integrity
    1. Be honest and courageous to stand up for truthfulness.
    2. Carefully articulate the words and align the actions with words.
  5. Leadership
    1. Ability to lead self and then take responsibility to lead others.
    2. Build strong relationships with peers, teachers, family and friends to contribute towards society.
  6. Commitment for Religion and Country
    1. Understand and practice core principles of Islam and become a good Muslim.
    2. Proud to be a Pakistani citizen and love to serve the country.
  7. Respect
    1. Be kind, polite and courteous with peers, teachers, family and school staff.
    2. Present point of view with patience and respect others’ perspectives.
  8. Balance
    1. Live healthy and balanced life considering harmony among studies, religion, play and family.
    2. Demonstrate help, care and service to others.