PISES recognises the fundamental importance of raising achievement and standards for all students for whom the School has a responsibility. We at PISES;

■ Take responsibility for the raising of achievement and standards for all students
■ Apply the principles of self-evaluation to inform improvement planning
■ Work in partnerships to raise achievement and standards
■ Work with other schools to identify and disseminate best practice across schools.
■ Recognize the paramount importance of school self-evaluation.

Sustained school improvement is best achieved where a culture of continuous improvement is fostered and developed through the questioning and evaluation of current practice. PISES has established as a quality school of choice in the Pakistani community. Over the years, PISES students have received many distinctions in internal and external exams. It would have not been possible without the dedicated efforts of the entire PISES team. We definitely look forward to taking PISES to greater heights in our commitment to provide our students with the school that they rightfully deserve, by working in close partnership and leveraging on the combined collaborative efforts of the students, staff and parents.

Our belief that Every Child Matters continually guides us in all our endeavors to provide every child with the rich experience – an enriching and holistic journey of learning and discovery, where we seek to nurture every student to achieve our vision and mission of our school. To do so, we will continue to enhance the learner-centered environment through engaging and motivating students as knowledge-creators and values-seekers in their own learning processes, creating positive school experiences that foster thinking and life-long learning. We will also continue to build a quality teaching staff through facilitating teachers’ acquisition of competencies and skills as well as broadening of experiences to enable them to better prepare our students for the exciting future.