Dear Parents,

I really feel honored while addressing you as the chairman of the School Management Council of PISES. The repute and good name that PISES has earned over the years rank it amongst a few leading institutions in Riyadh. My team and I have vowed that our stay with the school will further enhance its status in the community by resolving the school’s problems.

The most important issue we are facing these days is that of the school’s building. We have been struggling very keenly to overcome this problem by using all our social, communal and official contacts. We also request you to help us in this regard by using your contacts, and please come forward with all the options available. It is our collective responsibility to resolve this serious issue of the school.

In PISES, we are committed to building the foundation and the motivation for life-long learning, equipping every student with the relevant knowledge, skills and attributes for self-directed learning, and bringing out the best in every child. I anticipate successful years ahead as my team and I support the intellectual, academic, physical and social growth with high moral values of every child here in this happy learning environment where teachers strive to provide quality holistic education for the pupils so that they love to learn. I attest to the fact that if pupils are having fun and enjoying their learning in the classrooms, they will open themselves and their minds to true learning.

It is my hope that we will work collaboratively to provide our sons/daughters with the best possible opportunities in preparing them to be caring thinkers, adventurous learners and passionate contributors. Insha-Allah, PISES will keep on playing a vital role in serving the community by imparting wholesome education to our future generations which will help make a better Pakistan.

With thanks and profound regards,

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Sultan Ayub Meo
Chairman SMC