Fee Structure


Dated: 16.08.2022.


a. Tuition Fee Structure


Tuition Fees (SR)

Session Fees








KG to Grade-2



Grade-3 to Grade-5



Grade-6 & Grade-7



Grade-8 to Grade-10



Grade-11 to Grade-12



b.     Lab Charges                     SR  600/-  (Per Annum – Non- refundable, (For A-level classes only)

c.     Book Fee                            Book Fee is charged on the basis of actual cost and books issued

d.    AS/A-Level Fee is for 3 Core subjects. The school charges additional SR 3,000/- per annum for each extra subject.

e.     All the fees are mentioned without VAT.The applicable government taxes, as announced and/or modified from time to time, shall be payable by the parents.

f.    Fee concession (kinship basis).The discount will be applied from higher grade to lower grade i.e. the child studying in lower grade will be treated as 1st child.

1STChild                         No Concession

2nd Child                        15% on Tuition Fee Only

3rdChild                         20% on Tuition Fee Only

4thChild                         25% on Tuition Fee Only

5th Child & onwards      30% on Tuition Fee Only

Terms and conditions

1.    The fee is being charged for ten months in academic session irrespective of the actual working/study months.

2.    The parents understand and accept that their child / children will be removed from school roll in case of non- payment of the fee after two months of the due date. The due date is always mentioned on the fee invoice.

3.    If parents decide to get their child/children withdrawn from the school on or before the 5th of the month, the fee of that month will not be charged.

4.    If a student is withdrawn from the school after the 5th of the month, the fee of that month will be fully charged.

5.  After the 31st March of a calendar year, all types of fees (i.e. tuition fee, transport fee, etc.) will be paid by the parents of the students for the remaining months of the session in case of withdrawal from the school registration, except the ones where sponsoring parent is going for  final exit. The parents having such a case have to submit the proof of their final exit.

6.    If a student of Grade-10, AS and A2 wishes to leave the school after getting registered with the British Council for the external examination, all types of their dues including transport fee for the remaining months of the academic session must be cleared  before getting  the Statement of Entry, which is required for appearing in their examination.

7.    Leave will only be approved / allowed to the students if a written application is submitted by the parent(s).Further, the parents have to deposit the fee in advance for the leave period otherwise the name of the student(s) will be struck off from the school

8.    Parents requesting withdrawal should obtain the pre-printed “application form for withdrawal of student” from the administration. No verbal /telephonic request of withdrawal will be entertained. 

9.The date of submission of application for withdrawal or the one indicated in the form, whichever is later, shall be considered the student’s last day, irrespective of the fact whether the student attended the school or not.

10. School leaving certificates are only issued after the clearance of all the dues.

11.In case of a new admission, the fee of the first month of the session has to be paid in advance at the time of admission.

12. The kinship discount, if any, will be applicable from the second month of the admission i.e., on the 2nd month’s fee.

13. The school reserves its rights to cancel the registration/admission if parents fail to submit,  admission fee and required documents by the given deadlines.

14. All the fee of the session outstanding if any of grade 10, 11 and 12 students is to be cleared before due date mentioned in the fee invoice otherwise the statements of entries will not be issued to appear in the final exam.

15. All the fee of the session outstanding if any of students from grade nursery to grade 9 students is to be cleared before due date
mentioned in the fee invoice   otherwise students will not be allowed to sit in annual examination.

16. The applicable government taxes, as announced and/or modified from time to time, shall be payable by the parents.