Our school promotes and maintains a high standard of health & hygiene in its day-to-day interaction with children and adults, with primary focus on students’ well-being. This is achieved in multiple ways, like so:

  • If a child has an accident within school premises, we will administer First Aid as required, and send home a note as an incident-report to the parents giving details of the incident. Parents are always notified by telephone if a child has had a visible injury i.e., a bump to the head.
  • If a child becomes ill during the school hours, they will be assessed by our school medical team to decide if they should go home. If so, parents or other nominated contacts will be informed.
  • Cuts or open sores will be cleaned and covered.
  • Our school Doctor has the ultimate responsibility for administering any drug, and ensuring that all medication and first aid equipment is replenished and sterile as required.
  • Parents are encouraged to keep their children at home in case of fever.
  • Parents are encouraged to inform the school if a child has an infection, of the nature of that infection. We will alert other parents of the risk, if necessary and upon our discretion.
  • Parents are asked not to bring their child to school if s/he has been vomiting or had diarrhea until at least 24 hours have lapsed since the last episode.


If a child is on prescribed medication, the following protocols will be adhered to:

  • Parents are encouraged to call school secretary or doctor’s office (extension: 108) to administer syrups or lotions when required.
  • Medication such as inhalers, for asthmatic students, must be clearly labelled with the child’s name, grade and section. School needs a written note from parents with clear instructions on the dosage permitting the administration of inhalers. Our medical team will assist younger children in using inhalers or nebulization, provided written permission is granted by parents.



In order to control and prevent the spread of infection, teachers will encourage and ensure that the following good-practices are observed at all times:

  • Students wash their hands after using the toilet.
  • Students with pierced ears to not try on or share each other’s earrings.
  • Students to shield their mouths when coughing or sneezing by adopting the “elbow-sneeze”.
  • Parents to provide sufficient and suitable sanitary wear for girls as required (supplies can be stored in a named bag in a cupboard for the Ladies).




When your child begins his/her school year, you will receive a medical questionnaire, which must be filled out by the parents/guardians, and which shall be kept in your child’s personal file in the office.

It is vital that through this form school is notified of problems such as asthma and /or allergic reactions to any food or stings, and that school admin has updated emergency contact numbers at all times. It is parents’ responsibility to keep the school informed of any changes in the form during the year, so that our records can be updated.

Any health-related information provided is held highly confidential, and only shared with the personnel responsible for your child.