Our school promotes a high standard of health and hygiene in its day-to-day work with children and adults. This is achieved in the following ways:

■ Illness of Student.
■ If a child has an accident in school, we will administer First Aid as needed, and send a note home to parents giving details of the incident. Parents are always notified by telephone if a child has had a bump to the head.
■ If a child becomes ill during the school day they will be assessed by the team of our School doctors to decide if they should go home. If so, parents or other nominated contacts will be telephoned.
■ Parents are asked to keep their children at home if they have an infection, and to inform the school of the nature of the infection. We will alert other parents of the risk of infection if necessary.
■ Parents are asked not to bring into school any child who has been vomiting or had diarrhea until at least 24 hours have lapsed since the last attack.
■ Cuts or open sores will be cleaned and covered with sticking plaster or other dressing.
■ Our School doctor has responsibility for ensuring that first aid equipment is kept clean, replenished and replaced as necessary. Sterile items are kept sealed in their packages until needed.

If a child is on prescribed medication the following procedures will be followed:

■ Parents are welcome to call into school to administer medicine when required. Medication, such as inhalers for asthma, must be clearly labelled with child’s name. Written information must be provided from parents, giving clear instructions about the dosage and administration of the medication. We will assist younger children in the use of inhalers, providing written permission is given by parents.


To prevent the spread of infection, adults will ensure that the following good practices are observed:

Personal Hygiene
Hands washed after using the toilet. Children with pierced ears are not allowed to try on or share each other’s earrings. Children are encouraged to shield their mouths when coughing. Parents should provide sufficient suitable sanitary wear for girls as required. Supplies can be stored in a named bag in a cupboard for the Ladies.


When your child begins school you will receive a medical questionnaire, which must be filled out and will be kept in your child’s personal file in the office. It is vital that the school is notified of problems such as asthma and allergic reactions to food or stings, and has updated emergency contact numbers. It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any changes so that our records can be updated. Any health information given is held in the strictest confidence and only shared with the staff responsible for your child.