It is very important that you and your parents are working together to help you make the most of your education during these crucial first examination years. A few of the ways in which they could help might be:-

  • In providing you with a good working environment at home.

  • In acting as a sounding board for ideas about your work.

  • To encourage you to complete your work on time.

  • To be informed about the work you are doing, the structure of your courses, and the deadlines when important pieces of work should be handed in.

  • To facilitate visits to places of educational value during the holidays.

Key Stage 4: Grades 11and 12 (A LEVELS)

Grades 11 and 12 form the final two years of compulsory schooling, during which the majority of students will follow IGCSE courses in 9 or 10 subjects. These subjects will have been selected by the students in close consultation with parents and staff. Students are encouraged to maintain a broad and balanced curriculum by building upon a core of the following subjects:







Business studies

A Levels

This qualification followed by 16-19 year old students is spread over two years and split into two parts: AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary Level) and A2 Level (Full Advanced Level). Students wishing to obtain entry to university will need to complete both levels.

The curriculum followed by students during this two year programme provides a high level, in-depth study whilst encouraging a breadth of study that provides students with a large range of academic and professional careers options in the future.

AS Level - grade 11 Students are usually expected to have selected three to four subjects for this year, one of which they may drop at the end of grade 12.

A2 Level - grade 12 In Year 12 students extend the work they have done during their previous year, normally choosing to study three of these subjects. The examinations at the end of this year result in the attainment of full A levels. These academic qualifications are respected and accepted by universities throughout the world.  

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