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Dear Parents,

The use of Social Networks enhanced the role and scope of internet in our lives. Especially for students, it proved as a blessing since it makes searching, researching and then sharing of knowledge easier, faster, approachable and cheaper. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are bringing the students closer to pool their studies, projects and experiences for common sharing. No doubt, the use of these websites is a dire need of the age and those who shun from it lag behind in current race of competitive world.

Contrary to the popular belief, the influx of Information Technology has also brought certain serious challenges. Excessive use of even a useful thing turns into its abuse. Same is true here as researches relate that students have started consuming more time in surfing these social networks at the cost of their studies. They get involved in unnecessary discussions which lead to nothing. This practice goes on even in exam days- the most precious time of students.

Secondly, issues related to Islamic and moral values will certainly rise if young ones are using these networks without any check from the elder members of their families. On Facebook or Twitter, the world is lying on our threshold. We can make friends from every niche and corner of the world. If teenagers are let unbridled, they may commit a wrong choice of friends and would get astray afterwards.

We cannot and should not rule out the use of social networking from over lives. I ask all the venerable parents to have a regular check on the young ones and develop a balanced approach towards using these networks. Time is a precious commodity which we cannot afford to waste in undue sittings before computers.

With thanks and profound regards,

Sincerely yours,

Muhammad Tanveer

Acting Principal