Pakistan International School

English Section, Riyadh


Date: ___________________                                                                                                                                             PISES/forms/LAF/Ver.1.2

   Application for School Fee /IGCSE/AS/A Level Exam.  Reimbursement.        l       


Father Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

  1. ID: ________ Student Name: ____________________________ Grade: ________ Amount__________
  1. ID: ________ Student Name: ____________________________ Grade: ________ Amount__________
  1. ID: ________ Student Name: ____________________________ Grade: ________ Amount__________
  1. ID: ________ Student Name: ____________________________ Grade: ________ Amount__________

  Fee to be paid from _____________________ to _____________________Total Amount ________________

Contact No. (1)  ___________________________ Contact No. (2) ____________________________________

Fax No. _____________________________________ Email: _______________________________________

Note: School does not offer any discount to all parents whose sponsors are paying the fee.                       




     Amount Payable



        Chaque on Parent’s Name                      



        Chaque on School’s Name                      


        Amount Paid (Receipt should be attached)                      




Parent’s/Guardian’s Sign.   

Note: The fee certificate will be provided after three days of submitting date.                                     

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