PISEANS bring “Laurels” to PISES

in Edexcel International and Cambridge University Examination for June 2012

Pakistan International School, English Section, Riyadh (PISES) has been enjoying the reputation of one of the best educational institutions in the region for the last decade for continuously producing excellent results in ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level exams. The students of Pakistan International School, English Section, Riyadh further strengthened this reputation by showing outstanding performance in the results declared by the Edexcel International and Cambridge University last week.

In Cambridge IGCSE, the School has produced 100% result with 99% students achieving grades from A* to C as per international range scale while 67% are A* & A grade achievers.  The percentage of grades from A* to B remains 90% which reflects the marvelous performance of the students in these examinations.

Usama Bin Faisal and Wardah Khizar Usmani have shared the top position in the school. They appeared in 7 subjects and scored 6A*s and 1A; while second position is attained by Naveen Zulqurnain Afzal with 6 A*s. Hassan Safdar gets third position with 5A*s and 1A.

According to the statistics provided by the Edexcel International, AS and A Level students of Pakistan International School, English Section, Riyadh have performed much better in comparison to Edexcel students in the world’s other institutions. The percentage of A-C for AS Level and A*-C for A Level remains 83% each. These figures are a clear reflection of outstanding performance of the students as well as hard work and dedication of the teachers.

A Level top achievers include Shahzad Ahsan with 3A*s, Maimoona Iftikhar Ali and Zainab Awan 2A*and1A, Hafsah Khizar Usmani 1A*and 2As, Aujala Irfan Khan with 4As, Ramsha Zulqarnain Afzal and Haneeah Javed with 3As. 

Among AS Level students, Faisal Javed, Saibah Ahmed Chohan and Shandana Younas shared first position with 4As, while Tahniyat Khayyam is second with 3As and 1B. Asfandyar Hassan Shah, Hamzah Hassan, Syed Hammad Hasan, Wasif Safdar, Baseer Anwar, Hafsah Siddique and Yashma Akmal shared 3rd position with 3As.

Mr.Muhammad Tanveer, The Acting Principal of Pakistan International School, English Section, Riyadh, expressed his feelings of gratitude to Allah Almighty for this achievement and congratulated the staff, students and their parents for their collective efforts and contribution to bring school to this standard. At this occasion, he reiterated, “Struggle for continuous improvement is a key not only to maintain this position but also to acquire further achievements in future. He also wished best of luck and success to the graduating students for their future endeavors.

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