PISES Learning Goals are an expression of the vision and goals it holds for every student, no matter what grade level, everyone participates in the ongoing achievement of Learning Goals. Curriculum writers integrate them into their syllabus, teachers create assignments addressing specific Learning Goals, parents encourage their children’s ongoing development and students reflect the same in their achievement. Learning Goals are vital to the school’s continued growth, its mission and the success of its students. The goals which we set for our student will help PISES students to become:


■ They will work toward grade-appropriate learning objectives through the use of appropriate resources and with consideration for learning modalities utilize resources and support provided by teachers and parents.


■ They will evaluate the validity of evidence from multiple sources.
■ Consider multiple perspectives when drawing conclusions.
■ Analyze information and form and provide evidence for opinions.


■ They will read and comprehend diverse written materials.
■ Clearly and persuasively utilize multiple modes of communication.
■ Use language effectively to defend opinions.
■ Establish and expound upon topics appropriate to a given situation.
■ Establish voice and tone in context.
■ Enhance communication through the use of technology.


■ They will Perform independent research.
■ Pursue self-directed projects using a variety of resources.
■ Recognize, articulate and implement their own learning styles.
■ Utilize multimedia resources to demonstrate learning.
■ Develop conceptual knowledge and skills e.g. critical thinking, writing, creativity, hypothesis design and testing.


■ They will pursue a wide range of academic and personal interests
■ Recognize the diversity and potential in individuals, nature and society
■ Identify and apply ethical principles as useful members of the global community
■ Promote positive interpersonal relationships, self confidence, scientific outlook, technological awareness towards the essential ingredients for successful life in this competitive world.