Part of our mission at PISES is to enable students to be active learners and well-rounded citizens who contribute positively to the world. Every student is placed in a “House” in the PISES House System, engaging the entire school community in meaningful activities and healthy competition. Furthermore, all students are required to participate in the Extra-curricular Program, in at least one activity per semester. Most choose to participate in more than one.


The school organises a large range of activities during school. These activities are run on premises by staff and offer something for all tastes. The exact programme of extracurricular activities varies from term to term depending on numbers. However the following extracurricular activities are enjoyed by our students.

■ English speeches
■ Urdu speeches
■ Quizzes
■ Art competition
■ Quran recitation competition
■ Field trips
■ Sports day
■ Spelling bee contest
■ Club & Societies

The wings organize these activities so that each student can get a chance to participate in one event or the other and show his/her sporting abilities and sportsman spirit.


These are the values we seek to instill and have our students emulate through our House System. Each student and staff member is placed in a “House” at PISES, and remains in the House until they leave. Each House has an even distribution of language groups, cultures, boys, and girls. The goals of the House System are to:

■ Promote healthy participation and competition in many activities,
■ Provide opportunities for students from all cultures to interact and collaborate in a positive, constructive manner.
■ To inspire students to adopt the ideals and philosophies of the people after whom the houses are named, and To lead and contribute to society in similar ways