An ‘alumnus’ is ‘the nurtured,’ one who was loved, cherished and held in high regard and affection. This term ‘alumnus’ is therefore exactly descriptive of our feeling for our old students here PISES. Every student who passes through PISES will surely realize his / her dreams and make a positive impact on the community in particular and the world in general. An alumnus is also an asset to this institution in the sense that he/she gives something back to enrich the institution in terms of experiences shared or expertise volunteered, he or she also is an ambassador of the PISES who disseminates the values and ideals this school stands for and propagates these values over generations by being a model to the young. PISES believes in Lifelong learning.

For this PISES initiate a web alumnus blog that  should promote many qualities such as sharing and caring, constant and periodic communication, and assistance to the new PISESIANS

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