Assalam o Alaikom.

I hope the respectable readers of this message are fine and healthy.

The quality and versatility in children’s education is a bullseye for the outlanders in a foreign country. The academic needs as well as a secure future of their children are amongst a mélange of challenges that they want to be least uncertain about, and at PISES we always endeavour to proudly live up to such expectations.

Pakistani community in the KSA is a noteworthy part of its population contributing towards the multiple sectors of the economy and strengthening its various institutions. Such noble and hardworking families need and deserve a platform to groom their young generation worthy to compete internationally. We are aware of these needs, and hence, work towards inculcating the required skills in our youth to help them face the upcoming global challenges. When we include in our vision that the students should thrive and succeed, we incorporate this theme into our academic activities to materialise the desired outcome.

Character building needs the sturdy scaffolding of guidance and quality education, and by virtue of these two ingredients, we set our mission to make the students those useful individuals of society who return the spirit of positivity and productive values to the humanity. These words do not merely paint a rosy picture of the school, but you can have the evidence in the form of a number of our alumni who not only got distinction in external exams but also have the honour of graduating from the prestigious universities of world repute. In short, our professionalism produces the students who in return earn us goodwill and add value to this organisation.

The capacity and possibility to improve, refine and modernise are never over, so we always encourage and welcome the suggestions that can prove dynamic and effective. I would like you to also go through the ‘learning objectives’ and ‘core values’ to have the idea of our wider perspective we strive to function in.

I wish you all the best in life. You will find me always ready to have an answer to your query.

Take care of yourself.