Dear Students,
Assalam o Alaikom


Allah Almighty has blessed us with the completion of yet another academic year. The days spent in pursuit of knowing about facts and phenomenon framed in the curriculum mean that we have the best utilization of our life’s moments, at the same time being obedient to our Creator, Who invites us continually to think deeply about His universe.

None among us is perfect and those who have claimed distinct positions this year should be ready for the tougher challenges awaiting them next year, and keep an eye upon the areas they have the possibility of sophistication. Meanwhile, those who are not much happy with their result cards should reconsider different aspects of their personality. The method of studying, the technique of attempting the examination, paying attention to the suggestions of their teachers and also observing the temperament of the successful classmates, are some of the spectrum of factors that can make a huge difference. Perhaps you need to redesign your attitude towards the same books, resources, environment and the dynamics that are not any more luxurious for those who are having a sense of victory by holding their yearly progress reports.

Psychologically, some students cannot perform in a subject that they fear more, or dislike to study. A general suggestion is that you should try to overcome your fear or disliking a subject that you struggle with, and get to the roots of the fear or discomfort for that subject. Be brave enough to discuss such feelings with your teachers and parents or even those friends who like that subject performing with ease. Hopefully, you can find an effective cure leading to better results next time. Such personal pockets of improvement in studies can maximize the output of your potential.

We are much satisfied with the way our O and A level students grow into mature individuals and get ready for the responsible roles they are to shoulder. I wish that all of them achieve their aims in life and they acquire the best characteristics as a person and a professional. Similarly, our students are second to none regarding performing at different platforms like presenting science projects at the King Faisal University’s exhibition, or taking part in sports competitions, and most importantly, leaving their impression by claiming noteworthy positions.

The different components of the school’s body including the administration and the SMC try to serve the best possible way in the interest of all those connected to this organization. The school always welcomes any new suggestion from the parents or the students alike, and if you have any idea for the next academic year, please let the management know about it for its feasibility.

We are keen to greet you with the fragrance of the new books and the excitement of using new stationery when you return after the summer academic hibernation. We recommend that you keep the reading habit alive trying some new books of your choice so that you do not feel a sudden change in your mood from having a relaxing disconnection from schoolwork to an abrupt encounter with the scheme of studies.

May Allah bless you and your parents with peace, happiness, health and more learning in your life.

Muhammad Tanveer.