• C – Confident & Creative
  • A – Aim high , Be ambitious
  • R – Responsible & Respectful
  • E – Everyone matters


Our vision “ To enable students to thrive and succeed ”.


“To impart quality education to students and build their character through proper guidance and conducive environment to make them valuable contributors to society”

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Pakistan International School, Riyadh, English Section

Pakistan International School, Riyadh, English Section, is a community owned non-profit English medium school, designed primarily to serve the needs of the children from ages 3-18 of Pakistani Community. The school was established in September 1995 under the supervision of the Embassy of Pakistan with H.E., the Ambassador of Pakistan, as its Patron-in-Chief. The school later secured a separate license and started functioning as an independent school under the name Pakistan International School, Riyadh (English Section), PISES.



PISES provides good quality modern education including a strong component of culture, inculcation of values, awareness of environment, understanding of citizenship and teachings of Islam.


The secure and nurturing environment of PISES, Riyadh is ideal for developing personality as well as practical skills. We would like you to choose PISES for a wonderful start to your child’s academic life.


Whether your  child is with  us for a limited period or  stays till the  completion of his ‘A’ Levels, we extend our warm welcome to you and your child.Our commitment at PISES Riyadh is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become creative thinkers, innovative problem solvers  and motivated  learners equipped to thrive in the twenty-first century. We focus on preparing students for the upcoming challenges through the development of the skills necessary to become lifelong learners in order that they  may  live  productive  lives.  And  we take pride in the fact that our  students  are  respectful,  concerned, and  responsive groups of
human beings surrounded by an equally compassionate and talented staff.


At prep School our aim is to provide a happy, secure environment for the youngest students in our care. We base our curriculum on the Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals.


We aim to provide each child with an enjoyable, rich and informative education which helps to develop the ‘whole child’; in the hope that they will be prepared for much of what their future holds for them.


Our Middle School builds self-esteem and lays the groundwork for high school. At PISES, your children can look back at middle school as one of the best times of their lives. They can work on the things they love.


The Senior School covers grade 8 to grade 12 of a child’s academic life – students join the Senior School at age 13, completing their education at 16 or 18. The academic program is based on the British National Curriculum.

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Given that most of us are in Riyadh on a temporary basis, PISES aims to provide quality education away from home. In a foreign environment, the school aims to educate our children in a Pakistani setting to build the cultural and linguistic bonds so that our children grow up to be proud Pakistanis in addition to being competent and practicing Muslims.
PISES Learning Goals are an expression of the vision and goals it holds for every student, no matter what grade level, everyone participates in the ongoing achievement of Learning Goals. Curriculum writers integrate them into their syllabi, teachers create assignments addressing specific Learning Goals, parents encourage their children’s ongoing development and students reflect the same in their achievement.
The aim of the school is to ensure that each student achieves his / her potential. The secure and nurturing environment of PISES, Riyadh is ideal for developing personality as well as practical skills.
The years involved in a child’s mental as well as physical development require special planning and devotion and constitute the foundation of the child’s academic career as most of the basic concepts of learning are gained in these formative years.
PISES seeks to inspire its students toward the highest standards and expectations through a stimulating and comprehensive program of intellectual and personal development. In an ideal environment, the school emphasizes academic achievement, and co-curricular activities designed to prepare students for university studies and forthcoming unique professional life challenges.

It’s a privilege and great pleasure to visit PISES, Riyadh. A great facility with compatible staff for growing and educating the Pakistani youth. The impact of the entire visit is tremendous.

I would like to congratulate the Principal and teachers for keeping the institution in the best professional manner. I wish the institution a great success in its future endeavor and am hopeful that it will deliver for Pakistan what it is required to deliver.

Brig. (R) Abdul Hafeez

Principal Cadet College Batrasi, Mansehra _ March 12, 2017

PISES — years since I last set foot in my alma mater, yet to this day feels nothing less than home. With hospital rotations, countless deadlines & daily tests from 1000-paged textbooks, medicine & university life have taught me that nothing comes close to your school years, especially when you’ve cherished your time at such a noble institute.
Forever will I be grateful to my teachers for shaping us as individuals – you really prepared us well for stepping into the real world. So thank-you PISES for gifting me with the sincerest of friends & the wildest memories. I’d kill to go back any day!

Anusha Sultan - Class of 2016

Student Army Medical College

My time in PISES will stay with me forever because it shaped me to be who I am today. The best thing about PISES is that it cultivates a love for learning that no other school can match. I owe all my success to the dedicated teachers who did everything in their power to help me gain the best standard of education. PISES for me was the place that not only encouraged me to aim for the stars but actually helped me achieve them. From two world distinctions in my favourite subjects to getting accepted in my dream medical school, all of this has been possible due to the efforts put in by the faculty at PISES. For that I will forever be grateful.

Laibah Arshad Khan - Class of 2016

Student King Edward Medical University

Ministry of Education Saudia Arabia

Ministry of Education Saudi Arabia

“The education in Saudi Arabia is the necessary base  which will help realize the aspiration of our people towards progress and advancement in science and knowledge”.

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